Wharf Aquatics

Wharf Aquatics

At Wharf Aquatics our current premises consists of a large dry goods area, an outdoor area for ponds and water features, a cold water fish room, a tropical fish room, a marine section, a large quarantine room, a reptile section, an aquarium tank display area and tank workshop.

Wharf Aquatics has now won multiple awards from Practical Fishkeeping magazine. Why has a local independent aquatic shop in a small village been so successful? We believe it is due largely to our committed staff - which includes many long-term hobbyists with many years of experience both in the fish keeping hobby and the aquatic trade.

Tropical fish, marine fish, cold water & pond, reptiles, fish tanks and fish cabinets.
African Rift Lake cichlids from Malawi and Tanganyika in a separate dedicated room. We also stock cichlids from central and western Africa, the Lake Victoria basin and South and Central American cichlids – including many rarely imported and hard-to-find species.

Catfish are also a speciality, with many rarer types often in stock. We always have a range of “L-number” plecs and Corydoras catfish in stock.
Inverts including many hard corals, anemones, shrimps, crabs, algae, molluscs, urchins, feather worms, starfish
Geckos and bearded dragons to chameleons and monitor lizards, corn snakes to boa constrictors, tortoises and turtles, frogs, toads, newts and salamanders, spiders and scorpions to exotic crabs.

Town Pinxton

County Nottinghamshire

Postcode NG16 6LH

Phone 01773 861255

Website https://www.wharfaquatics.co.uk

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