Tyrannosaurus Pets in Leeds Yorkshire.
We are the only dedicated reptile shop in this area, stocking a good range of reptiles as leopard geckos, bearded dragons
and corn snakes to the more exotic such as chuckwallas, rat snakes, indonesian monitor lizards.
With many of the species in stock we have a good colour variation in the royal pythons and boas.
We stock all the equipment you would need to set up, such as tanks, housing and equipment.
Also in stock are tortoises, amphibians, invertabrates, lizards, and high quality snakes.
- Cornsnakes
- Other Ratsnakes
- Royal Pythons
- Other Pythons
- Boas
- King and Milk Snakes
- Other Snakes
- Geckos
- Bearded Dragons / Agamas
- Monitors / Tegus
- Other Lizards
Turtles + Tortoises
- Spiderlings
- Tarantulas
- Other Invertebrates

Tyrannosaurus Pets

Town : Leeds
County : South Yorkshire
Postcode : LS4 2HQ
Phone : 0113 2899911
Website : http://www.tyrannosauruspets.co.uk