At Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd, Lincoln, we stock a huge range of pet supplies. We also have a selection of fish and birds at our store.
If you want the best for your horse, come to Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd. We have an abundant range of horse feed to choose from. Give your horse everything they need with the quality food available at Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd.
If you are thinking of buying a bird then Rovers Return Pet Shop Ltd has the one for you. We stock a range of budgies, canaries and parrots along with a variety of suitable cages. We can also supply you with everything you need to keep your new pet bird fit and healthy such as bird treats, medication, sand sheets and much more.
Dogs, Cats, Wild birds, fish and small animals, its all here under one roof.

Rovers Return Pet Shop

Town : Lincoln
County : Lincolnshire
Postcode : LN2 4SX
Phone : 01522 560 696
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