Micks Pets Belfast

Micks Pets Belfast

Micks Pets.
Due to continuous expansion, Mick’s Pet’s is able to offer a vast range of products and regular competitive promotional offers.

Emphasis is always given to the correct care of pets with the best veterinary advice and guidance via our widely experienced staff members.

Mick’s Pet’s also enjoys a top reputation for supplying the correct top quality animal housing shelters and equipment, feeds etc. Specialising in a wide range of kennels, vivariums hutches and quality caging for small animals (indoor and outdoor).
Budgies, canaries, cockateils, finches, Karakaris and love birds.
Tropical fish, gouramis, ghost koi, lionheads, siamese fighters and more.
Small furry pets, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs etc.
Also we supply pet foods and medication.

Town Belfast

County Antrim

Postcode BT17 0LE

Phone 02890 603209

Website http://www.mickspets.co.uk/

Micks Pets Belfast Location