With our professional approach and equipment, we can come to your home and create a scene that will make your dog shine. We carefully light our scenes so that the process becomes invisible in the finished image. There's just that certain something that lifts in from a snapshot to a great shot.

If you prefer the studio look, we can come to you, or you can come to an event where we have our gazebo studio. In the summer season we can be found at Country Fairs and pet shows. With our beautiful light sources and a complimentary background, we're able to create crisp timeless images with that certain something.

We're ultra mobile, and can work anywhere, even with a full lighting set up. Past locations have included a small airport in the pouring rain, and an arabian desert. We know dogs, and how to work with them to get great images with the minimum of fuss.


Town : London
County : Middlesex
Postcode :
Phone : 01252 560 174
Website : http://dogstarphoto.co.uk/