C J Wildlife

C J Wildlife

CJ Wildlife we offer a large variety of high-quality items for wild birds and a good selection of other garden wildlife.
The ornithologists and wildlife advisors at CJs carry out research projects along with leading wildlife experts to ensure we are continually producing not only high-quality products, but products designed specifically for the wildlife as nature inrended.
Our products include nest boxes, bird feeders, products for toads,squirrels,frogs,bats and more.
Food for blue tits, robins, finches, and many more wild birds. suet balls, meal worms,seeds etc.

Free catalogue, free newsletter and free delivery on orders over £50.

Town Shrewsbury

County Shropshire

Postcode SY4 4UR

Phone 0800 731 2820

Website http://www.birdfood.co.uk

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