Bishopbriggs Pet & Aquatic Centre.

We stock a variety of quality birds including budgies,finches,canaries,cockatiels,lovebirds and many more.

Special orders can be taken for parrots such as African Greys,Cockatoos,Macaws,Conures and other birds.
Cages & accessories for small birds such as cockatiels,finches,canaries & budgies are readily available.All sizes of larger cages can be ordered and we encourage customers to come in and view our wide range of catalogues to make sure you choose the most appropriate cage for your birds.Both colours and dimensions vary greatly and it is important you choose the correct environment for your feathered friend.From corner units to parrot stands we can order anything for you and deliver to your door.

As well as having 50 Aquariums ourselves full of both Coldwater and Tropical Fish we also have a superb range of Aquariums available to order and a large stock of aquarium supplies and accessories from leading manufacturers such as Juwel,Arcadia, Fish r Fun,Interpet ,Red Sea, Clearseal,Hagens, Tetra and many more...

Bishopbriggs Pet & Aquatic Centre

Town : Bishopbriggs
County : Glasgow (City of)
Postcode : G64 1RP
Phone : 0141 7720001
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