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Cat Action Trust Croyden The Original Cat Action Trust, the pioneer society for ferals, was founded in 1977 to help the feral cat. Feral cats are domestic cats living wild, either because they and their descendants have strayed from home or more commonly because they are unwanted and have been abandoned. AND THEY MULTIPLY... a healthy female can give birth to up to 120 kittens in her life time.
Cat Cuddles Sanctuary London We believe in honesty and transparency. We depend on our supporters, you, to help us in anyway you can. In return, we are open to all and any questions about how we care for our cats and kittens, where we spend our funding and your donations, even why we do things the way we do at the Sanctuary. We put kittens first, their welfare and comfort is topst to us. We never overcrowd the sanctuary, always keep each cat to its own quarters and never keep them with us for longer than necessary to get them healthy, assessed, at times rehabilitated and re-homed. Our resident cats ready for their homes are always on the website within a couple of days of getting the "all-clear" from the vets and we aim to respond to all email and phone queries within the first 24 hours. We are meticulously clean and our kitty quarters are heated, lit,double-glazed and fully insulated, so kitties are cosy indoors and calm all year round. We also have radio playing for 16 hours each day. Our volunteers socialise the kitties twice a day, every day. We feel it is important that we have the time to share life with our feline guests, not just board them. We call it "cuddle time" and it is the perk of the job! We request that the owners giving their kitties to us to care and rehome, make a donation to contribute towards the costs of vets, ongoing care, nutritious food, litter etc. Cuddles and volunteer time is on us, as are the long hours of care spent daily with the kitties, transport costs to vets and adoptive homes, disinfectants, alternative remedies, heating, cleaning, cat supplies, housing, sanctuary maintenance, expansion, telecoms/web bills etc. our volunteers are passionate and protective We always carry out a thorough home visit to possible adoptive homes and would only home a cat if we feel the adoptive home is as suitable as the adopters are keen to proceed. We therefore enjoy an exceptionally high happy-endings rate and extremely rare return guests. We also follow up on our adopted kitties after they leave us, so we can ensure they are enjoying life as much as they deserve to. We aim to be by the new owners' side with practical advice for the life of the adopted feline. Last but not least, our volunteers are passionate and protective of our felines and would not compromise standards of care, welfare and facility hygiene. We are only interested in attracting more like-minded people to join our cheerful team, people full of ideas and a bit of regular time to devote to the kitties or promoting the work we do in and out of the Sanctuary. Catcuddles - 'care and responsible homing to beloved felines' Registered Charity Number: 1147971tel: 0208 123 2230 155 Howarth Road, Greenwich, London. SE2 0UW
Cats Protection Haywards Heath At Cats Protection, we help around 200,000 cats and kittens every year thanks in no small part to our network of over 250 volunteer-run branches, 29 adoption centres and two homing centres. These include the charity’s flagship adoption centre in Chelwood Gate, Sussex where our administrative offices can also be found. Cats Protection is governed by a Board of Trustees which, in turn, is advised on its decisions by an Advisory Council of appointed representatives of the charity’s membership.
Colchester Cat Rescue Colchester The Trustees: Mandy - has volunteered for Sheila since 1987, a Trustee since September 2000, Mandy does the gardening at the Sanctuary, Charity Shop and general admin. Patricia - a Trustee since September 2006, Patricia looks after the cats and liaises with the vets. Joanne - Jo has been Sheila's longest serving volunteer, having started helping Sheila as a teenager and has done nearly 30 years as a volunteer since 1986. She was appointed a Trustee in January 2012 Jean - has also been with Sheila since 1986, doing all the banking for the Charity and now as treasurer. It was with great regret that we announced the death on 9th February 2011 of Miss Sheila Parsonson MBE - Trustee and our original founder who set up the charity in 1974 together with the late George Charles. She was awarded the MBE in the Queen's Golden Jubilee Honours in 2002 for her services to animal welfare. These are our current management team but we have a loyal band of volunteers who help with running the large site at the Sanctuary in Bromley Road and the Charity Shop in Eld Lane, Colchester. Without the hard work, kindness and generosity of our helpers we would not be able to achieve as much as we do. They include Judith Sibley who is the membership secretary of our Lottery Club and also Friends of Colchester Cat Rescue, also Nigel Sibley who produces our stationery, eg. our information leaflets, etc A map and opening hours are at the foot of the page giving directions to the Sanctuary. We only re-home cats in the local area, within about 10 - 15 miles of Colchester, ie. from Witham in the south to Ipswich in the north, Clacton in the east, and Sudbury to the west, as we may want to do a home check. (If you are not in our area, please go on to the very good cat charity website that lists all Essex and Suffolk cat rescues (including RSPCA and Cats Protection branches) if you click on Essex or Suffolk. Please read the information on this page in full before visiting. We are a responsible Charity and wish to make prospective visitors think fully about all aspects of pet ownership. Please ensure that you are fully aware of the cost involved in owning pets (eg. neutering, annual vaccinations and other veterinary treatment, food/litter costs, regular flea and worming costs, and cattery fees), and the associated responsibility of looking after pets which requires an established household and stable home life, with sufficient regular income in order to meet these expenses. An owner is legally required to look after their pets and this includes obtaining both routine and emergency veterinary treatment when necessary in order to avoid neglect - see the Animal Welfare Bill (on the DEFRA website) which became law in 2007 and put a duty of care on to owners. There are fines of up to £20000 and up to a year in prison for failure to meet certain levels of care. All cats that we re-home have been vaccinated against cat flu, enteritis and chlamydia
Four Paws Cat Rescue Oxford Welcome to the Four Paws Cat Rescue website Four Paws Cat Rescue (F.P.C.R) covers Oxfordshire and parts of Buckinghamshire in rescuing and rehoming domestic cats and kittens. The rescue depends solely on public donations and the charity shop to operate, and receives no government funding. The rescue is run by a small group of volunteers who dedicate their time and energy into helping unwanted domestic felines. Four Paws Cat Rescue became a registered charity on 18th October 2010, registered charity number is 1138455
Leeds Feline Friends Leeds As a result of the closure or scaling down of several cat rescue charities, both national and independent, in Leeds, many dedicated former volunteers from one of those charities regrouped and formed Leeds Feline Friends in March 2010. We endeavour to improve the lot of as many cats on the streets of Leeds as finance and time permit. We aim to improve the lives of vulnerable cats in Leeds, wherever and whenever possible, and to leave them healthier, happier and more secure than when we found them. We are a small group of friends who started out together on this venture. We have a wealth of experience and, just as importantly, we enjoy working together for the benefit of needy local cats. We ask for no reward other than seeing these cats blossom under our care and find safe and secure new homes.
Sheffield Cats Shelter Sheffield The Sheffield Cats Shelter is a registered charity founded in 1897 and is one of the oldest in the UK. The shelter cares for and re-homes over 400 cats and kittens each year. On average, it costs the shelter £375 to care for each cat or kitten from admission to adoption. We only charge £75 per adoption for each cat or kitten as a contribution towards the costs of neutering, micro-chipping and vaccinations. For the rest, we rely solely on your donations and our own fundraising efforts. Every cat receives a full veterinary health check and any medical treatment necessary, regardless of cost. We never put cats to sleep unless recommended by the Vet for the cat’s welfare or because there is no treatment that can help them. Every adopter is alerted to any existing health or temperament issues of their chosen cat and receive 4 weeks free Pet Plan cover .We will also cover any vets fees (at Highfields Vets) for illness notified within 7 days of your adoption. The Sheffield Cats Shelter takes its role within the community very seriously. We prioritise taking in un-neutered females, pregnant females and cats with kittens living outdoors, which prevents new colonies from being set up. We also work closely with Social Services and make every effort to fast-track pets needing a place due to domestic abuse or admission to care. Make a donation You can now make a donation to the Cats Shelter via Paypal or Goldengiving! The Sheffield Cats Shelter Volunteer Information. The Sheffield Cats Shelter re-homes over 400 cats and kittens each year and house up to 60 cats in the shelter at one time. We receive no lottery or state funding. We are solely funded through the generous contributions of our supporters by voluntary donations and legacies and our own fundraising efforts. Caring and looking after these cats obviously takes a lot of time and hard work and this is where you can help. What does a volunteer do? We offer a wide choice of ways volunteers can help. From working in the shelter with cleaning, socializing and reception duties, but also your work fundraising and organising sponsored events.
Thames Valley Animal Welfare High Wycombe TVAW is a small charity based in the Henley on Thames, Reading, and Maidenhead areas and aims to rehome its cats and kittens within approximately a 20 mile radius of Henley. We specialise in the rescue of abandoned, stray and unwanted cats and kittens. The animals are accommodated in purpose-built heated cat houses in the gardens of a team of volunteer fosterers until suitable permanent homes are found for them. We provide veterinary treatment as required and spay or castrate all adult cats before rehoming. We undertake never to euthanise any cat unless it is on the advice of a veterinary surgeon. The work of the charity is undertaken entirely by volunteers and we are completely dependent on donations to fund our work. We also operate a Lost and Found register which attempts to reunite lost pets with their owners. It handles enquiries from the general public, police and vets seven days a week.

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